Monday, November 30, 2009


Been AWOL for a year. Lots happened.

  • Started Renovation

  • Lost job

  • Vacation

  • Found job

  • Finished Renovation

  • Got a dog (arf!)

  • Started Renovation

  • Moved contents of upstairs downstairs (including the computer)

  • Still Renovating

The good new is that I have moved much farther along in my painting. My original goal was met. I even attended a tournament which used more points/figures than I originally intended to finish. Hopefully I can get my computer back up and running in the next couple of weeks and therefore post pics and after action reports.


Tristan said...

Cool dude, didn't know you got a pooch - what breed?

Karl Sciberras said...

All of them.

She's a mutt.

She looks like a tall dachsund, beagle colouring and terrier ears. Half a dog too long and half a dog too short.