Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I don't speak German, but I purchased some minis that represent those who do! My British troops need a foil and what better than the defenders of Pegasus Bridge? With this in mind I have purchased the Festungskompanie, an artillery battery, PaK 40 anti-tank guns and some StuG IV Gs. Turns out the StuG IVs were not present (I bought the wrong version!) but I can still create a decent Grenadierkompanie from what I have. I also enlisted a friend to teach me the basics of airbrushes. This was done quite quickly, with the minis to show for it!
Unfortunately, I don't have any "in-progress" pictures, I was too engrossed in what was being done.

Have a look at the far tank, the commander is emerging from the hatch and my friend was kind enough to add the radio antenna as well.

The German infantry wears a uniform that is not easily reproduced by the paint colours I have so once again I must experiment. Here are the test figures:

I numbered each figure so that I know what colours I used. Unfortunately I have since lost the page amongst my other gaming supplies. I'll post it once I find it.
To make my life easier I bought the Citadel Spray Gun and a can of propellent. After some testing I was able to get the darned thing to work correctly and base coated three platoons. One of the tricks I found was to submerge the can in water to keep the can from getting too cold and losing pressure.
Next post I should have another battle report to present as well as even more German figures and perhaps the remaining Airlanding platoon.


Tristan said...

Scallywag said...

Hornet Hobbies on O'Conner drive just off Vic Park is a military model shop. They have all the paints that are correct [or as correct as can be] for the military stuff. German uniform grey, Panzer grey etc they all have.

Karl Sciberras said...

Yes. It is a great store and the employees are very helpful. I plan to go there to get airbrushing tips.