Thursday, December 10, 2015

Completed Army

The army has been completed for a long time and honestly I forgot about the blog for a while. Life and other hobbies have largely kept me from painting. I've learned that I really need to be in the mood to paint well and that the correct colours are key to a good looking army. Trying to substitute can turn out very poorly. For a sense of closure here is a picture of the completed army.
The full list is below and is more than one will need for a good size game. It does give you options
  • HQ with two PIAT teams
  • 2 transport jeeps (these never get used)
  • 3 full size Airlanding platoons
  • Airlanding Platoon, Royal Engineers with Supply jeep
  • Airlanding Recce platoon (which also rarely gets used)
  • Airlanding Mortar platoon with four tubes and two observer teams
  • Airlanding Anti-Tank platoon with four guns
  • Airlanding Light Battery, Royal Artillery with four guns
  • Airlanding Armoured Recce platoon of four tetrarchs
  • Armoured Platoon with three Shermans and a Firefly (representing the DD Armoured Platoon)
I am hoping to start posting again.  I still have the German Festungskompanie along with some support options.  The goal will be to have an opposing force for the British Airborne completed by D-Day of 2015. Mostly the blog will be used to remind me of the colours I chose or substituted and to remind me of any techniques I found useful. I've picked up new brushes and a bunch of new colours. The fieldgray colour is hard to match with GW paints and mixing really slows down the process. I also got a new desk lamp with a magnifying glass.
This has been quite helpful and I haven't got seasick while working with it like I have in the past. Here's hoping the Festungskompanie posts work out better than the Airborne ones did!