Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Forward the Guns

Still not painting as fast as I hoped. Today I bring you the painted Airlanding Anti-Tank platoon. Two jeeps, two guns and a command team make up this little platoon. Their job on the miniature battlefield is to take out enemy vehicles, particularly tanks. I still need to base these figures. I may try using sand and flock only.I tend to paint things in groups. So the six pounders and the jeeps were painted at about the same time, though the jeeps were finished last since they require more work.

I have also made some headway on the carrying tray. Sand now covers the whole pan and it is ready for painting.
The Royal Engineers' jeep was assembled and painted this week. The boxes and other cargo were created by using unused bits from the other jeeps and some ammo tubes from the mortar teams. The idea was to make the supply jeep look like it was burdened with tools and explosives. You'll also notice that the latest miniatures are brighter than in previous posts. This is because I have skipped the "wash" step of the painting procedure. This lets me get more painted figures onto the table. I will go back over the figures when I finish painting the army and add the brown wash and any other highlights.

I also bought a kit to make scale trees and some "special" glue to ornament the bases of one of the Airlanding Platoons. This will help distinguish the unit on the table top (useful both for me and my opponent). I have never tried this before so it will be interesting. The idea is to add the plastic tree trunk to the base and adhere the foliage using the glue. Supposedly it is different from white glue and will stick to plastic. We'll have to see.

Finally, I added some green to my Headquarters platoon. One of the PIAT teams was moved to another platoon. So I only have three HQ units here. This was done strictly for my benefit during games. The fourth unit in the picture is a command team for the second Airlanding platoon.

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