Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On the Painting Table

While I have entirely missed my deadline in May (and feel horrible about it) I have been somewhat busy the last month. I did some experiments on different ways of painting figures and tried to reduce the number of colours I use. One of the things I tired was gluing the figures in place before I painted them. Here the Airlanding Mortar platoon is based and glued down (not the mortars though).

This did help organize the horde of figures I have to paint but did make it more difficult to paint all around each figure (since other figures on the base got in the way). I also forgot to score the bases (as evidenced in the following Airlanding platoon), but I think I can do the scoring afterwards, just before I base the figures.

I also painted the Airlanding Anti-Tank platoon. It is small, a pair of 6 pounders and the attached jeeps. I also used one of the small bases for a sniper team and some extra figures to make a command team.

As with the artillery battery the guns will go on last.

Also on the painting table is my HQ and two PIAT teams which will be attached as needed (likely to the Royal Engineers).

Finally, I procured two old baking sheets to use as my carrying trays. Likely I will only need one since I don't have many units in this army. The original idea was to smear some glue on each sheet and sprinkle sand and rocks as terrain. I would then spray paint the whole sheet to lock the grime and sand down. This did not work well as the crazy glue required to stick the stuff to metal does not spread as well as white glue (which would peel off). I'll make another attempt with some spray glue.

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