Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reinforcements Have Arrived

I haven't posted in quite some time. Quite a lot going in Real Life (tm) which is part of the reason for not posting. The good news is that I have quite a lot to update. I also had the privilege to go to France and see Pegasus Bridge first hand!

I also travelled to the Juno Beach centre and had a look at the actual uniform and gear of an airborne trooper. Turns out my colours are a bit too yellow and not enough brown. I'll keep that in mind for future platoons, but considering the speed that I paint at, and the multiple projects on the go at any given time, repainting my finished platoons is out of the question.

On to the miniatures! I managed to finish and base a number of platoons including the mortar team, the 6 pounders and some elements of the HQ. I followed the same steps as I used previously, laying down a layer of compound and sprinkling sand over top to break up the smooth texture of the compound.

In addition to the compound, the airlanding platoon received some trees. I cut down some of these trees to keep them in scale.

I then used flock and the "special" tree glue to add grass to the bases. I don't know if it is the glue or the fact that I left the bases in the flock for some time, but the grass on these teams look much better.
I also tried a different set of colours for painting the bases. I started with the Citadel Foundation paint "Charadon Granite" mixed 2:1 with "Vomit Brown" (I love these colour names). I then lightened the mix with a touch more "Vomit Brown" and gave the entire base a heavy drybrushing.

This ended up being a little to red coloured for my liking. Having lent my "Bleached Bone" to a friend I had to mix up a similar colour. I used the Citadel Colours "Putrid Green", "Skull White" and the Vallejo paint "Grey Green" to make a muddy white. I may have added the "Charadon Granite"/"Vomit Brown" mix to this as well. I then drybrushed all the bases again, adding more "Putrid Green" or "Skull White" as required. The effect can be see on the front of the 6 pounder's base.

The mortar platoon is looking a little bland. I'll try using a brown citadel wash (these paints are the "bees knees" for shading) to darken the face and clothing and give a bit more definition to the figures.
I now have about half the army finished. I am going to try and force myself to finish another airlanding platoon (or at least the engineer platoon) in the next couple of weeks and go hunting for some games.
I plan to have the following 1000 point British Airlanding Army completed by January

Airlanding HQ - CO and 2iC with 2 Piat Teams
Airlanding Platoon 1 - 2 squads
Airlanding Platoon 2 - 2 squads
Airlanding Mortar Platoon - 1 Squad
Airlanding Anit-Tank Platoon - 1 Squad
Airlanding Recce Platoon
Airlanding Artillery Battery - 2 Squads

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