Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trial and Error

I had some time over the week to paint up a few more minis. I don't have the recommended colours from the "D minus 1" book I was using as a reference so I'll have to mix the colours myself. First a picture of the full platoon before painting.

I have used the trio of figures at the furthest guns as experiments for mixing colours and camouflage. They came out a bit bright. Although those figures are far ahead of the others in the painting process I used the same steps I described below.

To get a good base for the crew's uniform I painted a darker brown. In the Vallejo paint range the colour is "English Uniform". Since I only have Citadel paints I found a mix of "Scorched Brown" and "Elf Flesh" in a 2:1 ratio worked. For the Dennison Smocks (basically the jacket) I originlly used Citadel paint's "Bubonic Brown", but that came out too bright. Again mix of "Vomit Brown" and "Dark Angels Green" gave me the colour I wanted. The ration is 4:1 or more. Always remeber to add the darker colour to the lighter (the Green to the Brown in this case) as it takes less of the darker colour to change the lighter than vice versa.

In the picture above some of the darker brown is showing through. This is ok for the recessed areas. Another thin layer of paint will make the yellow colour solid. Try not to go into all the crevices and avoid thick layers at all costs. The dark brown colour is supposed to show through in the recesses giving the impression of depth. This is a case of "Do as I say not as I do" as I have obviously failed to take my own advice. To try and correct the problem I have used a wash on the figure to the extreme left. It's a bit shiny. I am hoping the camoflauge layers will help tone it down.

The same yellow mix colour used on the smock can be used on half the strips of the helmet. The other half being painted "Scorched Brown" or the brown mix used on the pants. You may find it easier to paint all the strips brown first so that the yellow colour has a good base (yellow tends to look green on a black basecoat I don't know why.

Here are some of the experimentation figures from the big picture. They are a bit bright for my liking which is why I went with a darker yellow.

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